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Nobody is Purrfect

Nobody is Purrfect

I was just thinking of creating my own blog. The objective was to share my thoughts and ideas about life, nature and anything that is worth sharing that can benefit myself and other people around the world. The aim is BIG. It has to be BIG, because I learnt from “TURBO” (one of my kids’ favorite movies) that “NO DREAM IS TOO BIG AND NO DREAMER IS TOO SMALL.”

It has never come to my mind that even creating the blog itself is a challenge. First of all, I need to “BRAND” myself, which I have been toggling within me. I definitely want to use PERFECT since my first name KAMAL means PERFECT. And I’m a PERFECTIONIST, in one way or another, which makes it rather more challenging. So, I listed some possible names for my branding:

1.Mr. Perfect (which is no longer available, neither in BLOGGER nor WORDPRESS)

2.My Name is Perfect

3.Kamal is Perfect

4.Kamal Means Perfect

5.Perfectionist Syndrome

Then I have to choose my PLATFORM. I have made my own research and the best platform to start with is either BLOGGER (Google-based?) or WORDPRESS. Here is the other challenge. It’s like choosing a MAC over MICROSOFT, an I-PHONE over ANDROID. Once you are in, it requires some sort of struggling to switch to the other.

Frankly, I prefer the latter since I really like the layout and it looks more professional to me. In fact, most of FORTUNE500 companies use WORDPRESS as its platform. Remember, “No Dream is too Big and No Dreamer is too Small”. I want to make it big. Nothing should hinder me from it. Only ONE BUT. I find it is rather struggling to design my own page using WORDPRESS, probably due to my minimal knowledge in HTML, coding and all those technical jargons.

So, I searched the Web and found this great tutorial on How to Start a Blog by Tyler Moore. And that’s how I started.



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Perfectionist Syndrome


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